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There's something very special about Nashville, right? Not sure if you have a name for it, but we call it, "The Nashville Way." It's people helping people and expecting nothing in return. Good Samaritan moments that set us apart from every other city in America. This stuff is real. It feels good when you see it. Feels even better when you do it yourself. And it's really Nashville's "special sauce."

The "Nashville Way" is under threat. Because while we welcome our city’s rapid growth, there is a cost. Roads are getting clogged. Water mains are breaking. Crime is affecting too many of our neighbors. Public schools are busting at the seams. And local government debt is up in the billions. Nashvillians are feeling the stress and it shows in how we’re starting to act a little differently.

More people are coming. That’s a fact. And we welcome them. We knew that growth would strain our infrastructure, but what flew under our radar was the effect it'd have on our "Nashville Way."

We are now at a critical, "fight-for-it-or-potentially-lose-it-forever" moment. And it'll take all of us working together to beat the odds. To grow, while maintaining what we love most about living in Nashville. Years ago, New York City, under then Mayor Rudy Giuliani, did it. They recognized that their people had changed and earned a reputation as some of the rudest in America. But they pulled together and turned it all around. If the New Yorkers can do it, so can we! After all it's "The Nashville Way."

Tennessee flag circle

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There are people here living "The Nashville Way" each and every day. If you've seen someone lending a helping hand or going above and beyond, send us your story and we'll promote it. Photos are video are also great and telling these stories will encourage others to pay it forward.

“Fight for it


Lose it Forever

— David Fox

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